Augmented reality research paper essay

But probably one of the most widely used applications creating augmented reality in recent times are QR-codes in labels and packages. In addition, this information is fresh and provides the opportunity for feedback with the producer. Interactive systems of the future will quickly find required products in the nearest shops, offer best prices, and advise the recipes suitable for an individual, whether one is, for example, a diabetic or an athlete.

The idea that there could be something of a merge between aspects of virtual reality, and true reality would have been thought to be only for movies and computer games by the average person a decade or so ago, but now augmented reality has become a reality, and evidence of its progression can be seen in early technologies and computer systems that interact with humans.

This is where a projector projects and virtual image of a pool of water onto a table tennis top, and sensors on the table interact with the ball so that when the ball hits the table, the computer creates a ripple effect [5]. In cricket, a virtual reality model of the ground is used and trajectory lines show all the paths taken by the cricket ball throughout the game.

Now, using a special application one can download a dish recipe with a particular product, which would also mention other required ingredients.

So why augment reality in any case? Augmented reality is also widely used in the media, and much of it goes unnoticed which you could argue is evidence of a well implemented system.

So Augmented Reality is about enhancing our daily lives by means of incorporating digitized information into real objects.

The future of augmented reality seems promising. The rapidly developing mobile technologies found use in medicine as well. This idea can be derived from how Ambient systems have been, and currently are influencing and becoming part of our daily routines and lifestyles.

I believe that it will not be long before this virtual reality system is replaced by a similar, augmented reality system which will not only be more aesthetically pleasing for viewers of the game, but will also aid in the analysis of sport, much in the way it has for football and American football.

Currently, similar systems are being used with foot soldiers as training methods, and trials are running for smaller, more portable Heads Up Displays to be used by individual soldiers for use in the field, displaying tactical and positional information among other things.

The uses for augmented reality range from tourism, to business, to the military [2]. This provides visual aid to the collection of statistical data used in analysing the game. Several Universities and research institutes have experimented with augmented reality, and have developed many novel tools and demonstration programs, some of which have much potential.

Virtual reality is where a user is immersed into an artificially created environment. This will allow the doctors and surgeons to operate more efficiently and would eliminate the need to use the stereotactic frames that are currently used [1].Augmented reality can be defined as a composite or an illusive view of the physical world created by computer generated information, images and graphics.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality essay. Computer technologies have tightly integrated into our lives with especially strong momentum from the development of mobile and portable devices.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone with access to the internet, tablet computers, and so on.

“Augmented Reality” Research Paper/Essay

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Augmented reality essay

He was referred to as the “Father or Computer Graphics”. "Augmented Reality" Research Paper/Essay Augmented reality can be defined as a composite or an illusive view of the physical world created by computer generated information, images and graphics.

How did it start?

Augmented Reality Ar Is A Live Media Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Trak Lord is the head of US Marketing for Metaio, the leader in augmented reality research and applications.

Before joining with Metaio, Trak attended Dartmouth, where he first started working with augmented reality technology, only to.

This page contains all the research papers which have been written as some part of the Tinmith project or in our work with mobile outdoor augmented reality.

Augmented reality research paper essay
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